Long term EVS in GAIA SCI Kosovo

This is a small presentation of my long term EVS in Kosovo. Once a week or every two weeks you will find a small text, video, drawing about the permaculture project we will establish in a small village in Kosovo. This first text is the introduction followed by several more.

Hello there! I’m Jean. My 27th birthday was few days ago and instead to be in France, Vitré, I spent it with my friends and colleagues in Bozevce, Kosovo. You see, after my high school graduation, I find a bit difficult to do something meaningful and interesting. So I decided to go for a month as a volunteer in Africa. This first volunteer experience changed my way of thinking. Now I always search for new knowledge and nice project/organisation that I could be involved in.

Then I couldn’t stop to be engage in some volunteering missions, for my return in France I did 1 year as Civiq Service volunteer. A bit later I found a project for 6 months as Long Term Volunteer in Kuterevo Bear Refuge in Croatia and then 1 month as short term EVS in Slovakia. And 2 months in a remote village of Slovenia.

And in between all of this, believe it or not, but it pushed me to go back to study! I spent 1 year to learn about horticulture and of course it was something I wanted to explore. So I gained some skills about gardening, recognising trees, plants, herbs…

When I finished I wanted to put in practise what I’ve learned. And since I knew about EVS I searched to do a long one about environment protection. Then I found GAIA through a friend and here I am! In Kosovo for one year minimum to help them building a permaculture community in a remote village, called Bozevce, pronounce “Bojevtse”!

The first time when I went to this place, I felt good, in peace, calm all around. There are only 60 inhabitants living there in old and traditional houses. Our house, in the middle of nowhere, is around 800m high on a slope on the other side of the hill. We are surrounded by small forests of oak trees and clean air (that is not easy to find in Kosovo)!

All these elements make that the animals have fun, we saw a squirrel jumping from a tree several times like it’s a diving board! When you take your coffee in the morning you can hear and saw the woodpecker but be aware of the eagles or the wolfs around…

For now on, we are mostly focused on renovating the house to be able to survive this winter. And also visiting our new neighbours and feel the community reaction of having a bunch of young international people who moved there. Of course we won’t forget to research a lot about gardening techniques and to plan the future vegetable place. And of course to start taking care of animals from spring. We have designed a plan of the property and it will guide us for the next months/years. It was done during the permaculture design course we attended last October in Croatia.

If you are interested by what you have read, first come to visit us and see the work we have done and get engaged in one we are doing now! Second, pay attention to programs we aim to implement throughout this year. Third, stay alert for more of this!

Thank you for giving your time and attention,

Žile 😀