Yes, indeed. Discover how volunteering makes miracles and join one of hundreds of voluntary workcamps in the world. If you cannot travel abroad, you can experience miracle, by joining one of the workcamps in Kosovo.

This year in Kosovo, you can:

..learn how to fix and repair old bicycles which will be given to those members of community who cannot afford them

BICYCLE RECYCLE workcamp in Kushtova, from 30th of May till 10th of June

volunteers needed: 7

more information here

…organize workshops and activities with and for people with disability

WE CAN DO IT! workcamp in Shtrpce, from 14th till 26th of August

volunteers needed: 10

more information here

…support educational activities and work of the animal keepers in the only bear sanctuary in Kosovo

SUMMER CAMP WITH BROWN BEARS in Bear Sanctuary Prishtina, from 3rd till 16th of July

volunteers needed: 14

more information here

…support renovation work in the orthodox Monastary and inspire youth to get involved and to volunteer

PRESERVE WHAT WE HAVE in Novo Brdo, from 18th till 30th of July.

volunteers needed: 10

more information here

…help in cleaning up the spring and river and raising awareness about the imporatnce of water

BE WATER workcamp in Gracanica, from 25th of July till 6th of August

volunteers needed: 12

more information here



Volunteering makes miracles is 10-month long project (November 2015 – September 2016), supported by the Embassy of the United States Pristhina, which aims at promoting culture of peace, intercultural learning and understanding among youth in Kosovo, through international voluntary workcamps in Kosovo and abroad.

Within this project we will organize:

– 2 workshops on volunteerism and international projects in February 2016

– training for 15 camp coordinators in April 2016

– different promo-events about workcamps abroad

– 5 international voluntary workcamps in Kosovo

Stay tuned 🙂