Description: Although in a good position for using sun and wind for energy, Kosovo’s energy is being produced from the most dirty resource (lignite) with power plants (“cloud factory”) which emissions of gases and dust are disgraceful. Besides, communities living nearby are facing electricity and water cuts, problems with sewage system and waste disposal and pollution. Moreover, in communities with ‘minorities’ and IDP’s social issues (discrimination, exclusion) are putting environmental issues behind. This workcamp is part of the Create a climate for peace campaign – connecting climate justice and peace in one.

Type of Work: organizing workshops on climate and sustainable living (creative, practical) for youth such as recycle art, simple patents on solar energy, gardening, composting. Organizing movie screenings. Preparing actions for the 3 days event in Prishtina on climate, health and justice (to be confirmed).

Study Theme: Volunteers will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about culture of local Roma community, but also other communities living in the town (Serbian and Albanian). They will learn on the topic of Peace and Human Rights in connection with climate (in)justice. Also there will be workshops and movie screenings on climate change, dirty & renewable energy, sustainable living.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in one of the town houses. Living conditions are very basic with no reliable running water and possible electricity cuts. Some volunteers will stay in tents settled in the house garden. Vegetarian food will be prepared by the participants. Sleeping bags and carry mats are necessary.

Language: English

Requirements: Interested in topics, flexible and willing to live simply and travel lightly (no planes). Willing to get informed about the situation before arriving.

Approximate Location: Gračanica/Graçanicë is located in central Kosovo. Its located 10km away from Priština/Prishtinë, the capital of Kosovo. Moreover the town is situated close to two major coal power plants, causing serious health and environmental damage. During the workcamp volunteers will have opportunity to learn about the difficulties, but also about rich cultural heritage of the community.


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