BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina was founded in 2013 by FOUR PAWS International to rescue thirteen brown bears which for many years were kept in captivity near restaurants. In 2014, we have rescued three little cubs, which at the age of just three weeks were snatched away from their mother and were sold. The rescued bears are provided with a proper care which consists of a an adequate diet, veterinary treatment, enrichment and plenty of space where they can roam, swim, dig, look for food and pursue their instincts. In addition, we are playing an important role in environmental education helping connect people to nature through meaningful outdoor experiences. This workcamp is organized together with GAIA, Bear Sanctuary Pristhina and Kuterevo Bear Refuge (Croatia).

Bear sanctuary Prishtina

Type of Work: We will work together in building enrichments for bears, designing educational games, painting, guiding visitors, and cleaning actions. There are also chances to work physically such as building exhibition tools which will be used for educational purposes, and making sign boards. We will work five hours/day.

Study Theme: Bears, environmental education, sustainable tourism and similar.

Accommodation: You will enjoy staying in tents which will be located in a flat plain (with beautiful landscape) which is only 0.1 km far from the sanctuary and 0.8 km from a lake. Please bring your sleeping bag and pad. Tents will be provided. The food items and cooking facilities are provided while you have to cook for yourselves (mostly vegetarian). There are two toilets and one shower with hot water.

Apply here:

More informaiton about the Bear Sanctury Prishtina:


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