GAIA Kosovo is organizing workcamps all over Kosovo every year. Workcamps can have diverse focuses, such as environmental protection, animal welfare, preservation of cultural heritage, education and arts,…
In 2018 following workcamps organized by GAIA will take place in Kosovo

DSC_0246planting trees during a workcamp in Plemetina, Kosovo

Every year there are more than 1000 workcamps taking place in places all over the world. Workcamps are short-term voluntary projects (mostly about 2 weeks long),bringing together people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to live and work together with local communities. Work during a workcamp will be non-profit and voluntary work will never be a replacement or alternative to paid professional work.
For more information and a database of all workcamps exceeded worldwide by SCI, click here.


2 thoughts on “Workcamps in Kosovo

  1. I am from tunısıa, Am I elıgıble ? When will be th e deadline and for how long iwill the camping last? What about the fees that I have to pay? thanks a lot

    1. Hey Mariem,

      We still have places for the workcamp in Shtime from the 16th to the 28th June. The hight of the fee depends on your sending organisation from Tunesia. Since SCI has no branch in Tunesia but just partner organisations you should write to to apply.
      For any other questions please feel free to contact
      I hope to see you in summer!


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