A workcamp is a short-term volunteering project where people from all over the world come together for two or three weeks and for example

…Experience life in an eco-village in Finland
…Run activities for refugees in Kenya
…Work with children from asylum seekers in Belgium

Every year thousands of short-term voluntary projects are organized in different fields and with different types of voluntary work. There is always something that will interest you.

Find your project!

All this and much more is what you can do as a volunteer on an SCI work camp. If you got enthusiastic then we invite you to search for the short-term project of your choice in this online database:

When you enter the online database go on SEARCH option, set the Start and End Dates of the period of your availability. Click the Go button to perform an initial search to see the availability of camps by Topic, Region or Country. Optionally, select any Topic, Region or Country to narrow your search. The Region and Country searches are mutually exclusive. Use Ctrl+Click to select more than one country. Optionally, select any of the Family Camp, Mixed Age Camp or Suitable for the Disabled check boxes to suit your personal circumstances. (You can choose more than one work camp!)

If you need any help or advice please contact us to with the email subject: SCI WORKCAMPS

You should read this before applying

It’s really great that you have decided to apply for a workcamp, but before you do that, make sure that you have enough time for preparation (visa) and participation (travelling + the whole duration). Since you should cover your travel costs, visa costs, participation fee to GAIA (25 €) and some pocket money, make sure that you have enough money. Unfortunately, some money is needed for this adventure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you should apply for a workcamp that starts in at least 2 months, and earlier if possible, so you can have enough time to get an appointment in the Embassy and to get visa on time. Of course, you can also apply for a workcamp in a country where you do not need visa (Turkey, Montenegro, Albania, and Serbia)


Since 2 years ago SCI is using ONLINE PLACEMENT SYSTEM (OPS) –

Before you make your account, make sure that you have selected KOSOVO as your country of residence and GAIA as your sending organization. Once you create your account and add all required information you can select up to 6 workcamps according to preferences. After submitting the application, GAIA’s placement officer (PO) will proceed with the application procedure. For each of your choices, GAIA’s will need up to 3 days to check availability of places. As soon as a place can be offered to you, he will inform you.

Once you find your workcamp and confirm your participation, you should pay participation fee of 25€ to GAIA. This should be done to GAIA’s account and the confirmation should be sent by email.

Account holder: GAIA

Account number: 1187000476000161

Pro Credit bank

Purpose: workcamp participation fee

Amount: 25 €

This participation fee covers GAIA’s branch contribution in SCI, your insurance and other administrative costs.


Before attending the workcamp, ideally you should take part in one-day workshop which will take place in Prishtina in May or June.

However, before going to the workcamp you should read all necessary documents, in particular the INFOSHEET which you will receive latest 6 weeks before the workcamp starts.

SCI provides insurance for all volunteers going to workcamps, but still you need to provide one for traveling. If you already have your insurance, you should also take it.

Visa costs are totally up to you, but you will get the invitation letter from the hosting organization. The letter will be sent to GAIA’s temporary address in BSF office (Fehmi Agani 18, Prishtina).


You should send us a short story from your workcamp experience and 2-3 photos. Also, you can follow our activities and join us 🙂 Or, you can initiate a workcamp in your hometown. Let us know!

More about the workcamps

SCI organises short term voluntary projects, commonly known within SCI as ‘workcamps’. These projects are organised in cooperation with SCI branches and partner organisations, who in their turn cooperate with local communities. A short term voluntary project is a unique form of volunteering, bringing together people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to live and work together with local communities for a period of two to three weeks.

Contributing to peace

Short-term voluntary projects aim to break down barriers between people and develop intercultural understanding. In that way they contribute to building a culture of peace among people. The projects place a strong emphasis on intercultural learning and include elements of peace education. There are many different projects to choose from and they are open to everyone.

Accessibility of work camps

All food and accommodation are provided for you while you take part in the project. You just need to pay a small participation fee to your sending organisation and cover your own travel expenses and spending money. No specific skills or qualifications are needed for short term projects but you need to be over 18 years old to be able to participate.