From 26th of June till 08th of July

Topic: Environment protection

Worktypes: Environment/Work with animals/Art

Number of volunteers: 20

Required language: English



BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina was founded in 2013 by FOUR PAWS International to rescue brown bears which for many years were kept in captivity near restaurants. At our sanctuary 19 bears rescued from captivity are provided with a proper care which consists of a an adequate diet, veterinary treatment, enrichment and plenty of space where they can roam, swim, dig, look for food and pursue their instincts.

In addition, we are playing an important role in environmental education helping connect people to nature through meaningful outdoor experiences. With the aim to promote a wider understanding of biological and landscape diversity, we are committed to develop and deliver educational and sustainable tourism opportunities with a primary focus on animal and environmental protection.

Bear in the Sanctuary


Type of Work: We will work together in helping the keepers with their daily tasks (cleaning, preparing the food for bears etc.), monitoring bears at the sanctuary, that includes observation and writing notes about bears’ behaviours, participating in workshops and discussions about animal welfare, raising awareness on environmental issues, taking pictures and video footages at the sanctuary, conducting surveys related to animal welfare and environmental protection, designing educational games, help to develop other ideas for the educational trail or classroom talks with kids and so on. We will be working 5-6 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Study Theme: Bears, environmental education, sustainable tourism

Badovc Lake next to the Bear Sanctuary

Accommodation: Volunteers will be sleeping in tents (most of the tents are for two persons) which will be located in a flat plain (with a beautiful landscape) which is only 0.8 km from a lake. Please bring your sleeping bags- tents will be provided. Also food and cooking facilities are provided, it will be prepared by volunteers and it will be vegetarian. There are two toilets and two showers

Requirements: The volunteers are expected to be able to do physical work, to learn new skills and to live in simple living conditions.

Approximate Location: The BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina is located near the village Mramor, a small village in the Municipality of Prishtina. The sanctuary is situated around 20km from the capital Prishtina.