Rivers_cover_page gggggThe city of Mitrovica is rich of many things. Its fascinating history and numerous legends, its role in the music scene, its workers’ spirit, its stories of friendships and enmities. Mitrovica is a city of many and one people. On Saturday we will gather to hear stories of the rivers of Mitrovica so that they will not end up in any other sea but rather in the sea of our memories.

GAIA invites you to its third event of the Storytelling Caravan, this time giving the floor to people who cherish the three water streams from the different angles of the city. We all have memories by the banks of Ibar, many have learned how to swim in Sitnica and some have a friend or two living along the stream of Lushta. Three rivers revive the veins of the city of Mitrovica. Calmly they curve through their old ways, minding their business. Their waters take all they see and bestow the stories to the sea.

Location: KAE Gallery, Adem Jashari square
Day: Saturday 23 March
Time: 17:00 – 19:00

The event will be presented both in Albanian and Serbian. English translation will be provided.

This is the third event of the ‘Storytelling Caravan’. There will be one similar event every month until May 2019.

The event is financed by the European Union and organized by GAIA Kosovo

The event is for free and so are the drinks and the food.

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Link to the summary of the previous event