Sport_cover_page-1Many of us have heard their heart beat faster when in a match a three-pointer was scored.

Or we’ve gotten a hoarse voice from screaming TREPÇA CHAMPION! It doesn’t matter whether we scored or won, for a few quarters, and some overtime, we shared a space which is often cold and is in conditions for which we like to complain a lot. It doesn’t matter! You and I, we both remember how it is to wait in front of doors of stadiums with a lot of other people, whose names you don’t know but anyways were there together for the same thing.

If you are feeling nostalgic or just want to know how the life of a sports person used to be in Mitrovica, then join us on the 22nd of February for some storytelling from three sportsmen/women of Mitrovica.

Narrators (soon to be announced):

Location: EUICC office, close to the Ibar bridge
Time: 17:00 – 19:00

Additional info: This will be the second Storytelling Caravan edition, there will be 3 more till May 2019.

The event is financed by the European Union.
The event is for free and so are the drinks and the food.
Additional info:

Link to Facebook event page