From this June until May 2018 the team of GAIA grows with one more member – the very first EVS volunteer in the organization – Mira from Bulgaria. The EVS (European Voluntary Service) project Mountains empowering people, supported by the Eramsus+ program of the European commision is focused on Sharr mountain, its heritage, stories and people. Seven (7) different ethnic groups live in the region – Albanians, Serbs, Gorani, Bosniak, Turks, Roma, Ashkali. Through the project “Mountains empowering people” and the volunteer work GAIA supported by CVS-Bulgaria as a sending organization aim at:

  • fostering intercultural dialogue among minorities and different ethnic groups through discovering common cultural heritage connected to the mountain
  • empowering young people from the local communities through educational activities
  • promoting volunteering in general and for the protection of nature specifically as a form of active citizenship


Mira came for the first time in Kosovo in  2016 as a participant in the training course Youth for nature, volunteering and inclusion, which lead to being a leader of the Bulgarian group of a youth exchange Nature connecting us which GAIA hosted in Brezovica ski resort in the summer of 2016.

Some of the project activities which Mira will be planing and implementing in the next one year include BREfest – a small scale nature gathering in August in the ski resort, volunteer actions, youth exchanges focused on the National park Sharr mountain, on burning environmental questions of the everyday life and the human-nature connection.

Keep an eye on our page for more upcoming information and call for participants.