Preparation in the remoteness of Slovenian mountains

Black pines whistling, crystal water rolling, the gentle hum of insects moving their wings at audible speed- green, blue and golden silence. We are in the Slovenian mountains- 18 enthusiasts, activists, artists, humans in the remoteness of Europe’s oldest forests in.  At this very moment, we are on the beginning of a travel that will lead us through the refugee-camps on the Balkan route, through laugher and togetherness, through stories and dreams of hope and creation. We will travel along a route that has been source of story-striptease, telling stories of human suffering, outlining again and again the violation of human rights by the neglection of humanity, repeating stories of loss and of hope that is pushed back again and again by barbwire and the sticks of border police. Stories of dreams drowning in the Mediterranean by hundreds.

Our first show in Logatec social centre, Ljubljana

Those stories are true, but it is important to also acknowledge and give the people on the Balkan route a place in the narrative telling their human story. A story of dreams, wishes, love, laugher, dance and play- just like anybody else’s.

Cooking in ROG, Ljubljana

That’s why we are travelling for 2 weeks from Maribor, Slovenia to Lesvos, Greece, passing through Ljubljana, Zagreb, the border regions in Serbia, Belgrade, Macedonia, Thessaloniki, and Athens, until finally arriving in Lesbos, at the spot where many people coming from the east touch European soil for the first time.

Logatec, Ljubljana

We’re sitting now in the train that rolls through green hills covered in clouds that seem light and heavy at the same time, bringing us from Ljubljana to Zagreb. Behind us, the preparation for the route and our first clown performance in a social centre of a Refugee Camp outside the Slovenian capital, hours of cooking dinner together with young men from northern Africa and the middle east in ROG social and cultural centre in Ljubljana and a morning of games, laugher and stories in Filantropija Social centre. First connections, first friendships and a lot of laugher and joy.

Next stops are Zagreb, Šid (on the serbo-croatian border), Subotica (on the serbo-hungarian border) and Belgrade. Stay updated!

To know more about the Route to Connect project and its participants, visit our webpage.  The project is part of SCI’s Building Bridges Campaign, you can find more information about that here.