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Regional youth action against discrimination is creating edifying opportunities for young people and supports them to connect regionally and act as a cohesive group of activists aiming to build a peaceful society without discrimination and violence through peace activism and antidiscrimination activities.

‘The region’ refers but not restricts to the territory of South East Europe or the following countries: (in alphabetical order) Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. The region is characterized with plenty of similarities in the countries’ socio-political and cultural history as well as bi- and multilateral relations, dependencies and interdependencies.


The Network’s widest thematic area is described by the following key words:
· antidiscrimination
· human rights in the light of respecting differences
· peace building
· education of youth (dismantling prejudices)
· regional cooperation
· promotion of and support to regional youth activism


GAIA joined the network in spring 2013 and took part in organizing the following activities:

Action Days Against Discrimination

Local workshops: https://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/projects/regional-youth-action-against-discrimination-and-militarism/local-workshops/

National workshops: https://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/projects/regional-youth-action-against-discrimination-and-militarism/national-workshops/

Regional summer school: https://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/projects/regional-youth-action-against-discrimination-and-militarism/summer-school/


more information about the network can be found on the official website: http://stopdiskriminacija.net/new/en/


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