The only band in Kosovo performing traditional Roma folk music and mixing it up with new styles released their first album.

You can listen to their music online on:

Five musicians with different ethnic background from Kosovo and Macedonia were practicing over two month on the creation of their songs and sound. Gipsy Groove looked themselves in the homebase sound studio to record their first CD. The ten days in studio were intense and the band was working on finding the right sound and finalizing the arrangements. On the record are five traditional Roma songs remade with Jazz, Reggae, Ska and DnB influences and three of their own songs. With the traditional songs ‘Djelem Djelem’, ‘Hederlezi’, ‘Opa cupa’, ‘Jag bari’ and ‘Ma maren man’ the musicians are introducing Roma folk and culture in a modern way. The songs are talking about Roma holidays and fest but also about experience of discrimination. ‘Just a gipsy’, ‘Beehive’ and ‘Meet your neighbor’ are the titles of their own songs which also aim to fight discrimination.

News and upcoming concerts you can find:  or on


All together this CD offers a great and really danceable mix. The project was produced by GAIA and supported by European Union, Kosovo Foundation for Open Society and Prime Minister’s Office on Good Governance.

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