Meet your neighbor, meet the Roma

“Meet your neighbor, meet the Roma” is a follow up activity of the DOSTA! Campaign.
“DOSTA!”, a Romani word meaning “ENOUGH”, is awareness raising campaign which aims at bringing non-Roma closer to Roma citizens.
“Dosta” means that we want to stop prejudices and stereotypes not by denouncing them but by breaking them, showing who the Roma really are.
The DOSTA! Campaign started as part of a wider Council of Europe/European Commission Joint Program “Equal Rights and Treatment for Roma in South Easter Europe”.
In October 2011, DOSTA! Campaign is launched in Kosovo, with the support of NGO GAIA – local peace organization working in a field of peace promotion, understanding and solidarity between people, social justice, sustainable development and respect of environment.
“Come meet your neighbor”
Supported by:
Council of Europe

“Go beyond prejudice, meet the Roma!”

© GAIA Production, Prishtina / KS February 2012
Campaign DOSTA! “Meet your neighbor, meet the Roma”


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