International Youth Exchange (Kosovo, Germany, France)
  Artistic workshops and building of a Human Rights creative campaign:
  21st  August – 04th September 2011 in Plemetina, Kosovo

About the project

The project Art in Action propose to involve 40 people, youth from Plemetina village, Kosovo together with youth and experts from Kosovo, France and Germany that share a common concerns and interest in their own countries: using Art and Culture as a creative tool enhancing public expression abilities, establishing creative form of socialization and self-development.

We are searching for new tools to encourage and enable young people to become active citizens, and to influence changes in their communities, for their rights and rights of other people.

During two weeks, participants will have a chance to experience builing a ceative campaign raising awareness about human rights issues through different workshop (Music, Dance, Rap, Video & photography, and Environmental).

Objectives of the project

– Involve the inhabitants of Plemetina camp and Plemetina village through workshops using Art as a creative tool enhancing their public expression abilities, establish creative form of socialization and self-development and contribute to the ‘Re-socialization’ of the public space. Arts will be use as “tool” to communicate with the rest of the community and beyond.

– Raising awareness among participants from all countries on human rights issues, social justice, respect of environment and the possibility of taking action in the public space through creative and positive initiatives.

– Exchange best practices amongst participants from France, Germany and Kosovo in the use of creative tools to and to learn from each other how to creatively approach the problem and its solution.

– Promote European culltural diversity, especially young creativity, mutual understanding, inclusion, tolerance and solidarity toward Roma, Askahli and Egyptians and Serbian minorities in Kosovo.

– Highlight some of the key issues faced by the residents of the Plemetina camp and Plemetina village and give them visibility to international organization and local authorities using the output produce during the workshop as a lobbying tool.

Activities  of the creative campaign

The design of the campaign consists of different elements: identifying key messages of the campaign/ or action, training on artistic method and elaboration of creative actions in working groups, realization of a concrete campaign/ performance.

Activity 1 – Environment “Don Quixote campaign – Environmental right is my right”
Activity 2 –
Social Dance Theatre – Step Dance“Step groove for peace, love, unity & diversity
Activity 3 – 
“Rapping for a change!” “Improvisation time – make your songs, raise your voice”
Activity 5 –
Media – “Made by & about you(th): Plemetina channel”

Street performance – presentation of the campaign
In the end of the youth exchange will take place art exhibition, where all participants will show their work in the capital city (Pristina).


The project is supported by :
The Open Society Institute in Budapest (Roma program)
The french and German fund in third countries