The Plemetines

made by: James Stodgel, Katharina Wittmann, Phillip Winkler, Jovana Škrijel

Find the way

made by: Agron Mustafa, Emran Kurta, Denis Mustafa

Different but same

made by: Martina Wappel, Moisès Subirana, Franziska Fritz, Pjotr Obuchoff

Blowing in the wind

made by: Alji Mustafa, Alessandro Schiano


This is our first stop motion, talking about ecological breakdown in the Kosovo region. Made during the preparation workcamp in Berlin.

First, there came a Power plant A than it was a B, and now we introduce you the Power plant C, and its potential social and ecological consequences.

made by: Ana Smerdu, Agron Mustafa and Vladimir Tegeltija.

Organized by:
SCI Germany, GAIA Kosovo & VCV SCI Serbia

Special thanks:
Medienkompetenzzentrum Berlin-Pankow Freundebereich


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