Call for pax: “Enriching and increasing fundraising for youth work on inclusion”

The training course “Enriching and increasing fundraising for youth work on inclusion” will be held in Mali Iđoš, Vojvodina, Serbia, 21-29. April 2018.


The main themes of the project are focused on raising European awareness of the realities and possibilities for more inclusive society in the anti-discrimination youth projects with marginalised groups, against social exclusion.

This project is about fundraising from different sources, some of them being European level ones. We will be exploring different European level (Community) funding programmes available for social inclusion acceptance of diversity projects.

Through this project, we would like to raise awareness of youth workers about different European programmes related to EU social policies and how efficient networking with other similar organisations throughout Europe can increase quality, impact and sustainability of their work for more inclusive society.

Participants should be:

  • age above 18
  • active youth workers / coordinators in our organisations
  • active in work with marginalised groups in our communities
  • willing to take more active role in organisational management and development of fundraising strategy and procedures
  • able to participate the whole duration of the training course
  • able to communicate and follow discussions and presentations in English language

Please note that the deadline for applications is 28th of February 2018 at midnight. We will contact only those applicants who have been selected to participate. Selected participants will receive the detailed info-sheet by March 7th, 2018.

More information about the Training Course and  how to apply can be found here: CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS_FRplus


Sharr mountain is looking for an EVS volunteer from Croatia for 4 months

GAIA is looking for one EVS volunteer from Croatia to join activities who will join activities for documenting biodiversity of Sharr National Park and dedicate time, energy and inspiration for protecting this unique mountain. Volunteer service starts in June 2018 and will last for 4 months until the end of September.

Mountain spirit – Strategic EVS for Nature Conservation is a project involving several EVS short and long-term volunteer exchanges in Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria. It aims at combining efforts of international volunteers and local people from mountainous/rural areas for nature conservation activities in protected areas or species. Moreover, we plan several complementary activities which will strengthen the capacity of organizations and volunteers for working on the topics and for cooperation with the respective organizations.

DSC_7435 (1)

More than 70 people between 18 and 30 years will volunteer from 2 weeks to 8 months in the mountains of Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Bulgaria in the upcoming 2 years. More information will be available on the project website.

Volunteers_after_clean up_action.jpg

Detailed description of the EVS opportunity and some info about the project you can find in the attached call for volunteers.

If you are interested to apply, you have to fill in the online form choosing the option “4-month long EVS in Sharr Mountain (Kosovo)” and sending CV and specific motivation letter to gaia.kosovo [at] with the subject Sharr_volunteers_long-term_[your name].

Looking forward to your applications!

Call for EVS volunteers with SCI Catalunya and IAL Sweden

SCI Catalunya and SCI Sweden, our partner organizations within the network of Service Civil International (, opened a call for EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers.

What is EVS?

European Voluntary Service is a program that allows young people between 17 and 30 years old to be volunteers for up to 1 year abroad. The European Commission through the Erasmus+ program provides funding for covering basic costs of the volunteer (accommodation, food, pocket money, insurance). The be an EVS volunteer is a learning experience, based on non-formal and informal learning. It is not a job or an internship, however it helps young people to grow, to become more active, to learn a new language, have intercultural experience and gain new skills. More about EVS you can read here.

The projects (2 in Catalonia and 1 in Sweden) are open for applying to volunteers from all around Europe and the selection will be done by the hosting organizations. GAIA can be sending organization only to young people residents of Kosovo. Below you can find further information about the projects, deadlines and how to apply.

Volunteering in Catalonia – 4 volunteer positions in 2 different projects

A) 2 motivated volunteers to support the work of SCI Catalunya’s office

sci catalnuya

  • When: September 2018 – September 2019
  • Where: El Raval, Barcelona

More info here!

The candidates should fill this form.


B) 2 volunteers highly interested in sustainable development and easily adaptable for Associació pel Desenvolupament Local i Alternatiu – Can Pipirimosca (ADeLA).



  • When: End of July 2018 – End of January 2019
  • Where: Valls, Tarragona

More info here!

The candidates should fill this form

The application deadline for both projects is January 9th. The interested volunteers should fill in the specific form and send a CV + motivation letter (in Catalan, Spanish or English) to with a copy to (only for people, residents of Kosovo).


Volunteering with SCI Sweden – 1 volunteer for 1 project

sci sweden1

SCI Sweden is urgently looking for a an EVS-volunteer who wants to spend a year on the
lovely island of Gotland, live in an eco-collective and in the meanwhile help us to do
placement, advertise our NGO around Sweden, to have contact with our local partners and to represent SCI Sweden on several international meetings and finally, to organise their own peace-project! The volunteer service starts in February, by attending the Placement officer training, and ends a little after our Annual meeting in December 2018.

Detailed information about the project you can find in the Call for EVS volunteers in SCI Sweden

sci sweden2

If you are interested to apply send your CV and motivation letter (following the guidelines in the call) to We will forward it to our partners, who will do the selection among all the candidates from around the world.

Apply as soon as possible, since the interviews with short-listed candidates are to happen within the first two weeks of January.


New long-term volunteering opportunities in Germany

Announcement for an international long-term voluntary service with Friedenskreis Halle e.V. in the period: mid September 2018 until mid September 2018 (12 months) within the program: weltwärts

Home of weltwärts website

Become an international long-term volunteer in Halle (Germany)

Friedenskreis Halle e.V., is coordinating organisation for international long-term voluntary services in Germany within the German program “weltwärts”, a program connected to the issue of “developement cooperation”.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers for the period mid September 2018 until mid September 2019 (12 months)!

Within “weltwärts”-program, there are 4 main actors: the volunteer, the sending organisation, the coordinating organisation (us) and the place of assignment (poa), where practical work takes place.

We can offer a service at the following places of assignments (poas):

  • Kinder und Jugendhaus e.V., working with kids and youth (open youth work)
  • Clare Zetkin e.V., 2places, working with kids and youth (childrens home)
  • Humanistischer Regionalverband, working with kids and youth (open youth work and events for groups/classes) (in cooperation with a another poa)
  • Friedenskreis Halle e.V., educational and office work (in cooperation with a another poa)
  • Kita St. Ulrich, working with kids
  • Kita Marktspatzen, working with kids
  • Hort of the protestant school Heide-Nord, work with kids (after school care)
  • Lebenstraum Halle e.V., 2places, working with disabled adults in a living group

Please be aware: That list still is subject to changes. Listed above are the poas of the cycle 2017-18. We are in the process of finalizing the list for the cycle 2018-19.

Application period: 10.12.2017 – 31.12.2017

You want to know more?
For information about “weltwärts” check the weltwärts- homepage:

Who may apply?
Next to some general criteria, to be find below, there are specific criteria for each poa, to be find in the profiles.

General profile volunteers

  • 18 to 28 years (exceptions can be made, when reasonable)
  • (high) school graduation or comparable personal suitability
  • basic knowledge of English and willingness to learn German starting in home country
  • motivation: voluntary service as an opportunity to learn in different fields and to get involved with (civil) society (voluntary service as learning and peace service)
  • openness to the special structure of a voluntary service with Friedenskreis Halle, that is: willingness (a) to participate in the accompanying educational program, (b) to develop and implement one or more small project(s), (c) to get occupied with and engaged in topics and activities of (local) civil society and (d) to learn German in depth. (we call these activities „service related activities“ and we expect them next to the work in the poa)
  • interest in global relationships and peace politics as well as education on these topics
  • preferable already dedication in civil society in the home country, willingness to get involved in civil society in the home country after returning

How to apply?
Please get in contact with GAIA: and check the document available here: announcement weltwärts with FK in Halle 2018-2019

Call for pax: TC People beyond Borders

Training Course |17-26 February 2018 | Belgrade, Serbia



„people beyONd borders“ is a 10 days TC with the the objective of providing participants with theoretical and practical knowledge about current migrant and refugee situation in Europe, and providing them with tools for understanding this problem, for fighting discrimination and building their community into more nderstanding and inclusive one.


From April 2015 until today over two million refugees and migrants have had their desperate journey to Europe, coming mostly from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These people came running away from unbearable life conditions in their countries, searching for safety and future for themselves and their families. Their way to Europe is full of obstacles and difficulties and what they encounter once they finally reach Europe is devastating. They become subjects to discrimination, stereotypes, exclusion, and  unfortunately even violence. At the same time, media are either not reporting about it or they’re sending incorrect, exaggerated and even dangerous information. All this creates atmosphere of not understanding, discrimination and prejudice towards refugees. In order to make first steps towards change of this atmosphere, we would like to provide young people with knowledge and tools they can use to make the change.

Slikovni rezultat za people beyond border belgrade

People queue for food at an abandoned warehouse used for shelter by refugees in Belgrade, Serbia, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 Photo:


Through workshops, lectures, interactive presentations and discussions hosted by experts on the subject, participants will learn and practice different approaches to this situation which will hopefully inspire them to act and to share their knowledge in their own community.


19 participants (age 18+) from 6 countries – Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Italy, Slovenia and Portugal.


By filling out the application form available HERE. Application deadline is November 27, 2017. Candidates will be informed about selection results on December 4, 2017.