logo_400x400Nowadays the number of wars and conflicts in the world is bigger than ever before, trade of arms is growing- transforming the violence against people, the destruction of life into a profitable enterprise. As war is economical destruction and therefore causes the need of rebuilding economies, war causes a bigger economic growth. This absurdity contributes to the fact that violence against human beings is now a tool of economics, that human suffering is producing money.
In SCI there has always been a radical opposition againts war and an objection to any form of violence. Working for peace is not only needed in the so-called ‘conflict areas’. Structural violence exists in all levels and in every country.

With the No More War campaign, SCI wants to support international voluntary projects with a a clear statement against the ideology of war. The No More War group does not agree with a world, where the language of weapons is considered more important than open and non-violent communication. The No More War group does not agree with money being invested in the defence industry, instead of in sustainable development and tackling the root causes of conflict: poverty, hunger, discrimination and racism and exploitation of countries and resources.

No More War works with different methods to fulfil its aims. In 2012 the group organized one of their biggest projects, a Peace Caravan, and throughout the years they have organized seminars and trainings. Recent seminars invlude ‘Picture Perfect?’ about gender and peace and ‘Peace make it, don’t break it’, aimed at setting up new peace-projects. Besides that the team stimulates branches to organize No More War camps, and has a special blog dedicated to the campaign and a No More War-toolkit.