Imagjinatorium – IMAGINATORIUM – Maštalište

Initiated in September of 2016, alternative educational centre Imaginatorium has been a ‘home’ and a ‘school’ to over fifty youngsters. Situated at the beginning of Roma mahala, in Gracanica, with open door invited kids and youth from the neigbourhood to enter and start learning and playing.

The idea behind Imaginatorium is to provide necessary space, tools and materials, offer experience and support from adults, and all with aim to create opportunities and therefore motivate and interest participants in further education and lifelong learning.

Program and activities are created by educators and participants together, and with help of volunteers and educators visiting us from partner organizations, (It could be you too!) all over the world.

During the week, we use our free time to put our ideas into reality.

Since its beginnings, primary focus of Imaginatorum was literacy improvement, artistic expression and environmental impact. Current program is still including these topics, and over time we added few more…


LITERACY & NUMBERS – we spend time learning and playing with letters and numbers where we expand our understanding of mathematical laws and improve writing and reading skills. In combining traditional teaching methods with informal and non-formal educational approach in teaching we aim to tackle the problem with variety of different practises. From a pen and a paper in the classroom, to a football field and a forest nearby.

HEADS IN CLOUDS – program practiced in two more schools (Romania and Slovakia), which is following methods of Sugata Mitra, creator of SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment) and winner of 2013. TED Prize. His methods prove kids can progress in their education and learn on their own without a teacher present. It provides an opportunity for the students to have their own flow of group work and curiosity at their own pace. In previous months we had technological inputs, video and audio shooting and editing, English language tasks and now ecological topics to address.

NATURE & GARDENING – program initiated was by the kids after many talks about nature and environment we live in. Hiking around Gracanica, watching educational movies and tv-shows, planting and nurturing vegetable plants, building vertical indoor gardens, recycling bottles into pots are some of main activities of the program currently happening. Working with and for Nature and learning about it is one of most rewarding things. Providing us with not just knowledge and fruits of our work, but with satisfaction of contributing and observing creation and preservation of life itself.

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ARTS & CRAFTS – time and space for us to go wild! Trough various workshops and exploration of different forms we learn basics of drawing, sculpting, painting, artcycle and upcycle. Using numerous tools and art forms, we get our hands busy three times a week to expand limits of our imagination and artistic performance.

OPEN HOURS – we offer multiple puzzles, memory, logic and board games, small but versatile library with books, magazines and comics, colouring books and games for toddlers, or we use this time to continue some of the current programs we do because the wish is too hard to resist.

Started only two months ago – MUSIC & GUITAR – program is time for audio bomb! Led by local volunteer, children learn about music and basics of guitar playing. Divided in older and younger participants, adjusted activities on one side provide possibility for further practise, and on other side, quality intro into the world of music for young ones.

As it is unavoidable topic in today’s society, – WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY – has been addressed in Imaginatorium too. Demand for learning about technological advancements is answered trough tutorials about computers, Raspberries, photo cameras, action cameras and programs that are in the everyday use like Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop CS and similar.

MOVIE NIGTHS – time is reserved for screening of shorts and feature films for children or young adults coming to Imaginatorium. Educational and entertaining pictures serve as another tool in process of learning, and sometimes they serve activities we have during the week.

Imagiantorium welcomes all children, but also all those who wish to participate in program and spent time playing and learning with kids.

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Imaginatorium has started as, mostly, DIY project developed by volunteers in GAIA. Together with kids we invest our energy and time to create things we need, not buy them. Therefore we are always short of wooden planks, pallets, fabrics, tools and …

Also, encyclopaedias, language or other interesting books for children are welcome as library is constantly being updated, school materials and tools that we use daily and music instruments such as guitars, percussion instruments, drums and similar.

We should not forget to mention puzzles, memory and logic games are never short in demand and are being played every day!

From the start Imaginatorium has been constantly upgraded and invested in. At the moment we are equipping our platform with more light sources, shelves, small tables and chairs, electricity plug-ins. Old lamps, furniture, carpets, chairs would help us a lot. If you live close to Gracanica, we can organize the pickup. 🙂

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For any additional information, feel free to contact us via e-mail on or via phone on 049/137389 (Vasker)

Thank you for your support!