From 17th till 31st of August

Topic: Children and youth

Worktypes: Work with kids / Teaching / Agriculture

Number of volunteers: 10

Required language: English

Description: The camp will be held in Gracanica, in an alternative educational centre, Imaginatorium, opened by GAIA in October 2016. Today, in Gracanica there is around 2000 Roma, and it is the only municipality with Romani as official language. Daily, our centre offers various classes, workshops and activities for kids. The main idea is to provide space, tools, support and opportunities for youngsters, which will enrich their lives and education and expend their unlimited world views with creativity and imagination. Imaginatorium is visited by Roma kids, but it’s open for all. By assisting in their education and creating stronger Roma community, we aim to activate youth, break prejudices and stereotypes, reduce barriers between neighbouring communities and play an active role in solving environmental questions.

Type of Work: Volunteers will work closely with the kids coming to Imaginatorium and support the work of the coordination team by implementing current program of the centre which includes:

  • arts and crafts workshops, organizing event, exhibition or similar,
  • gardening workshops following permaculture principles,
  • music instrument workshops, percussions,
  • indoor/outdoor drawing and painting activities,
  • recycling and upcycling, collecting material (trash),
  • DIY workshops,
  • sports and recreation activities,

Volunteers are encouraged to use their knowledge, crafts and skills in order to create their own workshops or activities as part of the program of work camp. Imaginatorium practises many different approaches in education (non-formal, informal, traditional, SOLE approach) and welcomes new ones.

Study Theme: Volunteers get knowledge and skills about organizing educational and intercultural activities for kids, learning languages. They will also take part in some workshops for a better intercultural and environmental understanding and issues which can be discussed about. Topics can include sustainable practices, way of life of Roma people, situations of Kosovo and Balkans. Volunteers can visit monastery Gracanica, located in the centre of the town, Gracanica lake and Bear Sanctuary which is nearby the lake. Trip to ANIBAR film festival, in Peja, which starts on 14th of August, is also a possible activity.

Accommodation: Volunteers will sleep either in tents or in a sharing house nearby Imaginatorium, depends of the weather, so they should bring their sleeping bags and tents. Mattresses will be provided. Toilets, showers and kitchen will be provided. Volunteers will cook for themselves, in kitchen teams.

Language: During the camp, volunteers will have the opportunity to speak Serbian, Albanian and Roma ni languages.

Requirements: Volunteers should have some experience in working with kids, be motivated and flexible. People with various interesting and unique skills and talents are always welcome! As it is summer school break kids will be full of energy, so be prepared to invest a lot of your own :).

Approximate Location: Gracanica is a municipality near Prishtina, on the river Gracanka, in Gracanica lake valley. The place is famous about monastery Gracanica from 14th century. There is also very interesting archaeological site Ulpiana from Roman period nearby.