Miss me? It’s the crazy French guy who take one year of his life to live in Bozevce, Kosovo. Remember? Good!

Sorry to write to you a bit late than expected but I was a bit busy to deal with snow, cold and animals. You know that we have two cats and a big black dog to protect our house? Here are my friends:

So, the last month I have been busy to remove bark from wood we have, before winter we ordered wood and we kept the straight long ones as building material. I reuse an old bed which is now a nursery box for the future seedlings and a lot more around and in the house. But this is not supposed to be a resume of everything I did or didn’t but also to explain what is permaculture and how it is important in our life, anywhere you are.

What is Permaculture?

You can find a lots of different definition of the word “Permaculture”. Some of them are very complicated but I will try to explain it with my own words.

At the beginning when I heard about permaculture I thought it was an other gardening technique in which we use, reuse and if possible to make no waste at all. Then, after few researches, I understood that it was not only about the garden and producing your own food but also about your use of resources, do you have solar panel to warm up your water or wind turbine to make our own electricity? And what about your neighbors, are some of them growing vegetables and ready to sell some of them?

Permaculture is not only about you or your house but also everything that is surrounding you and can be beneficial or not.Anyway, in short, you have to take care of all the resources you have water, air, earth, energy, people and to use them efficiently as much as possible. At that moment you will ask me, but why bothering ourselves taking care of everything around us? Of course, I won’t force people to do so but it’s just that if you do things good (and you can’t really fail) you will spend less time in your garden for better results, you go for 2 or 3 weeks on holiday, don’t worry the plants will find water.

And I can give you more and more examples…


Everything works in a circle, not a triangle but a circle. Each output of your system will be use as an input for something else and it can be infinite! Shortly, you eat your product from the garden, then you go to the toilet (but you use compost one) so you take the shit and put it back to your orchard, garden, flowers… and then you eat again these products. No waste, magic!

Here are some principles in permaculture that might help to understand what I am trying to tell. The following quotes are from Bill Mollison (one of the creator of  permaculture):

“Work with nature, not against it.”

“Problem is a solution.”

“Increase diversity.”

“Minimum effort for maximum effect.”

“Each element should perform multiple function.”

“Cooperation not competition”…

You can also find 12 permaculture principles by David Holmgren, in short you have “observe and interact”, “use and value renewable resources and services”, “integrate rather than segregate”, “use small and slow solution”…


Just to tell you, that here in Kosovo, when you want to buy vegetables you will never be able to find local products. Almost everything is coming from Macedonia, Greece, Turkey or even further. Also the problematic of environment is not yet consider here, so this world wide movement and new culture that is permaculture is hard to find here. That’s why, we, in GAIA, are starting to create a community that will be careful of the resources we use and the environment around us but also the goal is to spread the word about permaculture. And hopefully in few years there will be not only us but also other people with their own place and the possibility to establish a network between all of us.

And I almost forgot to talk about “Ecological Footprint”. It is a tool to measure if your way of life is sustainable or not. With this, we can measure how fast we consume and generate waste compared to how fast nature can absorb our waste and generate new resources.


You can find links below:



And another link about Earth overshoot day, it is some calculation to say at what date we, humans, will have used more natural resources that what the earth can renew on its own within a year. The results are astonishing and frightened.