You were probably expecting some more information about the youth exchange Winter peace in Brezovica. If so, here they are 🙂brezovica

The project “Mountains connecting people”

12/03/2015-23/03/2015 Brezovica, Kosovo

The Youth Exchange “Winter Peace in Brezovica” is supported by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission and will gather 25 young people coming from Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Russia in the village of Brezovica (Kosovo) for 10 days. The Youth Exchange “Winter Peace in Brezovica” is part of the bigger project called “Mountains connecting people” and part of SCI worldwide campaign “Create a Climate for Peace”. This project includes three Youth Exchanges, which will take place in different seasons in Kosovo, Bulgaria and Croatia, in small mountain communities separated by distance and history, but which have in common a close link to nature and traditional lifestyle. Participants have the possibility to take part in one, two or all three Youth Exchanges:

 Winter peace in Brezovica. Kosovo.

 Awakening of spring in Vlahi. Vlahi, Bulgaria.

 Active summer in Kuterevo,Croatia.

What is a Youth Exchange?

A Youth Exchange, in the frame of the Erasmus+ Program, is a project which brings together groups of young people from two or more countries, providing them with an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, while learning about each other’s countries, peoples and cultures. Youth exchanges give opportunity to young people to become active, involved, creative, and critical, to learn from each others, to learn about and challenge themselves, to make mistakes and learn from them, to experience diversity in small… “Winter Peace in Brezovica”: program and activities

The main themes of the project will be climate change, climate justice, and the link between peace and nature. Activities will be mostly centered on talks, debates, games and workshops to exchange about these topics, to reflect about our society, lifestyle, and our own impact on the Earth and on other people. Participants will as well visit different places in and around Brezovica, discovering local way of life and history in this small village isolated in the mountains. Altogether, we will try to feel and experiment another lifestyle and new ideas and challenge our way of thinking.

During these 10 days, we will:

 …learn and share about climate change, impacts on humankind and nature,

 …discuss about climate change impact on human rights, equality, peace, and the future of

the world,

 … get to know the local community, customs, tradition and lifestyle,

 ….explore how to live in harmony with nature, share values of simple and sustainable

living, following the natural cycle of seasons

 … visit inspiring natural and cultural places around,

 … learn about and from wilderness,

 … create small projects on the topic (ie. video, photo essay, comics…etc),

 … celebrate the end of Winter and welcome the arrival of Spring,

 … enjoy, have fun and much more erasmus+(1)


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