Call for participants

Youth exchange “Active summer in Kuterevo” (CROATIA)

19th of August – 30th of August 2015

In August, 25 young people coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Russia will gather in Kuterevo Bear Refuge for 10 days. This part of the YE will tackle variety of issues mainly connected with youth activism and rural lifestyle in coextistance with wilderness through:

… discovering Bear Refuge and its work for the bears

… learning about and from bears

… learning about volunteering for nature and bears

… exploring local tradition and lifestyle

… experiencing sustainable and simple lifestyle

…discovering Velebit wildlife and coexistence with wilderness

kuterevo volunteers

Mountains connecting people

The Youth Exchange “Active Summer in Kuterevo ” is part of the bigger project called “Mountains connecting people” supported by Erasmus+. This project includes three Youth Exchanges, which will take place in different seasons and countries (Kosovo, Bulgaria and Croatia), in small mountain communities separated by distance and history, but which have in common a close link to nature and traditional lifestyle. The first part of the project Winter Peace in Brezovica already took place in Kosovo, in March, while second part Farewell to Spring is taking place in Bulgaria, Eco village Debeli dab in June. The last part is going to happen in beautiful Bear Refuge Kuterevo in Velebit Mountain. This youth exchange is part of SCI (Service Civil International) worldwide campaign “Create a Climate for Peace” as well.


The Youth Exchange will take place in Kuterevo Bear Refuge. The group will stay in so called Mijatova pojata or American house, a wooden house, with nature friendly and basic conditions, with lots of stars in nights and birds in mornings. More information about Kuterevo Bear refuge and volunteers’ life can be found on the blog: Participants will live, work and cook together. Lifestyle will be sustainable, simple and communal, what means little privacy, limited or no internet, solar showers, composting toilets and vegetarian food.

For more information about Kuterevo Bear Refuge, please visit



• be interested in topics and willing to get prepared before coming to Croatia

• be willing to live simply, sustainable and in a community for 10 days (and hopefully longer)

• be ready to travel by train or bus to Kuterevo and back

• be in the age between 18 and 30 (few exception for young people under 18)

• you are coming from Kosovo


Accommodation, food and all costs for the Youth Exchange activities are 100% covered by the Erasmus+ program (except 20% of the travel costs). 80% of the travel costs will be reimbursed thanks to the Erasmus+ program. Visa costs are fully covered by the project. We strongly encourage all participants to use environmentally friendly means of transport such as trains, buses, etc.

kuterevo bears

If you are interested in taking part in Active Summer in Kuterevo, please send your application to before the 25st of June (only for youth from Kosovo), so we can make selection and arrange visas for Croatia on time.

Click here to download the application form:  Application form GAIA KS Kuterevo 2015  and send it back to GAIA ( no later than 25th of June!

This project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.




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