Paris Climate Conference, Dec 2016 (Photo: GAIA)

Today´s biggest challenge

Every chapter of history presents its own challenges. SCI was founded in 1920 to respond to such challenges: war, destructions, injustice and violence.

The biggest challenge of today´s world is climate change: a growing threat to peace, non-violence and human rights.

About climate change

Climate change is undoubtedly caused by humans. Our fossil-fuel based economy and culture of consumerism is contributing significantly to this process. Communities around the globe are already facing the consequences of climate change: draughts and famine driven by changing natural conditions cause escalation of existing conflicts (for example in Syria, Somalia), destabilisation of governments and disruption of social cohesion in countries that are already struggling with other challenges. It is expected that we will witness 200 million climate refugees leaving their homes by 2040.

Paris Climate Conference, Dec 2016 (Photo: AP)

The response 

SCI wants to see a world of peace; social justice and sustainable development, where all people live together with mutual respect and without recourse to any form of violence to solve conflict. That is why SCI will respond to the call for climate justice. In fact, SCI can have a impact in different areas, such as mitigation (reducing the footprint), disaster relief and in building resilience of impacts of climate change. There are already many SCI grassroots activities taking place in Romania, India, Bangladesh, Kosovo, Germany and more. SCI wants to multiply these activities and make them a standard!
Therefore the Create a Climate for Peace-Campaign has been initiated- promoting an alternative, environmental friendly- and more sustainable way of being a human on this planet. The campaign offers different workcamps in order to put a positive ecological handprint on the earth and educate on the topic of climate change in relation to human rights.
Most of GAIAs workcamps are part of the Create a Climate for Peace-Campaign, tackling environmental issues that are in the same time human rights issues , since everything on this planet is interrelated and therefore effecting each other.


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