GAIA – SCI Kosovo is looking for 36 participants  and 4 facilitators from the Balkans for a youth gathering in Brezovica, Kosovo

Duration: 31.07-14.08.2018

About the Youth Gathering

This summer GAIA is organizing the second edition of BREfest and a Youth Gathering in the mountain of Sharr. BREfest is an open-air, nature-focused gathering in Brezovica Ski Resort which started last year when around 150 people came together for three days of enjoying the mountain through exploring, music, and workshops in a sustainable, intercultural environment. This year the festival will be accompanied by a Youth Gathering – for two weeks around 40 young people from the Balkans will gather in Brezovica ski resort. There will be 4 thematic groups of 10 people – art colony, nature & biodiversity, storytelling and traditional knowledge field trips.

We are looking for participants and facilitators in each group aiming at at least 1 participant from each country. The idea of the gathering is that participants explore Sharr mountain through different lenses and try to present a picture of the current state and to tell part of a complex and multilayer story.
These are the 4 thematic groups:

ART COLONY – fine arts inspired by Sharr, environmental and public art, creating workshops for BREfest

WILD SUMMER SCHOOL – documenting wildlife, landscapes, soils, waters, and  ecosystems.

STORYTELLING WORKSHOPS – collecting telling stories of the people and the mountain through video, photo, writing, design, blogs, new media…

TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE – exploring local customs, documenting tradition.

Each group will have to present their work during the second edition of BREfest, thus contributing to the regional aspect of the gathering.


We are looking for young artists, environmentalists, storytellers, photographers and videographers, culturologists, ethnologists, etc. People who have an adventurous spirit, who show respect and willingness to learn from people and nature.

Participants will have to apply and write a motivational letter on why they want to join the gathering. They have to be from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia. Age limit is 18-30 years.

Participants will be accommodated in the ski center Brezovica in mixed shared rooms (4-6 people per room). They will be sharing bathroom facilities. Seasonal, vegetarian food will be provided, as well as travel costs for sustainable means of transport for participants from Western Balkan 6  will be covered (up to 50 EUR).

How to apply!

If you are interested to join us in Brezovica this summer you should fill in the online application form which is available HERE before 14th of July 2018.



General requirements for all four facilitators:

  • good coordination and organisational skills,
  • good with time management and reporting,
  • responsible, proactive, open-minded and committed,

Facilitators have to be in Brezovica one week before the participants for planing. Each facilitator will be leading a group of 9 people.

Honorarium: 500 euro (brutto)

Please send your CV and Motivational Letter by July 17th 2018 to
When applying please indicate at the subject for what you are applying by writing: Balkan Lynks FACILITATOR + WHICH THEMATIC GROUP.

In the motivation make sure you share specific ideas about methods and outcomes from the thematic group you want to facilitate.