BREfest – Sharr is more than snow 2017 is gone, but volunteers who participated in short-term EVS “All colours of Sharr mountain” and long-term “Mountains empowering people” have lots of stories told through words, pictures, videos. Here we want to share them with you.

BREfest celebrated Sharr Mountain nature and culture

Get into the atmosphere of our small but intensive nature gathering. Read about what happened, who participated, what we did … here>>



Humans of BREfest

Get to know some of the people behind the first edition of BREfest – Sharr is more than snow! They were the volunteers in the short-term group EVS (European voluntary service) who were the driver behind the small nature gathering in Brezovica ski resort in Sharr mountain National park. These are their stories, their impressions of BREfest, of Sharr mountain, of Kosovo, their message to future volunteers. Get to know them… Maybe next year you will be part of the BREfest 2018 team.


BREfest volunteers


Connecting with the mountain

Rosa from Austria is sharing how she perceived participating in the organization of BREfest – Sharr is more than snow and the short-term EVS project All colours of Sharr mountain. Read the story here>>



Attention: Children in the mountain

The story of Bryan (a.k.a. as Boris around the Balkans) on a day spent with some 30 Roma children from Imaginatorium alternative education centre in Gracanica. His impressions can be read here>>



A connecting day between young souls and nature

Penny from Greece tells about a day dedicated to children and the activities they planned together with Helena from Croatia. A short capture of the day which shows just a little bit of all the efforts those two volunteers put into creating a special day for kids from Imaginatorium alternative education centre in Gracanica during BREfest. Read it here>>



Some thoughts on trash

Trash, illegal landfills and attitude of people towards garbage and environment made great impression to Leyla from Italy. She shared some of her thoughts on the topic here>>


BREfest impressions of a young Romanian

What did the youngest EVS volunteer in the group think about BREfest, what made the most impression and how did it change him. Find out here>>


Mountain poetry

During BREfest – Sharr is more than snow 2017 a poetry workshop took place in the chill-out area next to the stream, under the shadow of the tree with the breathtaking sunset. Through guided meditation and opening the senses participants got connected to the mountain, explored their relationship to nature and expressed their thoughts and feelings in words. Here is a small collection of them:
The pdf file you can find here: Mountain poetry


Video stories from before, during and after BREfest

In the channel of GAIA you can go through the BREfest playlist with video stories told by people who got involved in the crazy adventure we call BREfest – EVS volunteers Kubranur Patir from Turkey and Krasimir Dimitrov from Bulgaria and our friends from


Short-term EVS „All colours of Sharr mountain“, part of „Thinking like a mountain…“ project supported by Eramsus+ programme of the EU.