BREfest wouldn’t be the same if the children and youngsters from Imaginatorium (website, facebook page) weren’t part of it. The teenagers from Gracanica visited Brezovica and Sharr mountain for the firts time with GAIA in 2017 during the first edition of BREfest (memories and stories here and here). And they remembered it – the hills, the rocks, the freedom, the nature. This year it was time for them to get to know the mountain better but also to contribute to the happening of our small nature gathering.

Imaginatorium youngsters hiking in Sharr mountain

On 29-30th July the young people came for a weekend in the ski resort – just before the storm of the youth gathering and BREfest has become. They got to give a hand in the transformation of the place for the festival, but also got to do some hikes around Durlov potok, learned about herbs (thyme, St John’s wort, nettle), trees (Bosnian and Macedonian pine), about animals that live in the mountain.


We also learned how to behave when hiking, about weather and being responsible. The second day was dedicated to planing of BREfest and commitment to the realization of the festival. The youngsters agreed to spread the word about BREfest and to post some posters in Gracanica and Prishtina, to contribute to the mural in front of Kameni dom, to support the Do-it-yourself workshops, to show their movie Imaginatorium and finally to perform some of their music.

Imaginatorium movie:


The atmosphere in front of Kameni dom at sunset time

The group of teenagers and kids came on the first day of BREfest (10th August) and contributed to the overall athmosphere of the gathering, exchanged with the volunteers, participants and guests of the festival. They were supported by the wonderful staff and volunteers of Imaginatorium and by the international volunteer workcamp that was going on in Gracanica in that time.

Imaginatorium youngsters performing at the first evening of BREfest
Imaginatorium part of the Mural
Do it yourself workshops
Screening of Imaginatorium movie

More pictures: