November 2016 ->>> a moment when some of us met for the first time in Tavankut, village in the Nort of Serbia inhabited by Croatian minority  for the first capacity building activity of the Balkan Myth Busters (BMB) Project where we try to dive deep into ourselves to find out who actually we are, how we work together in societies and which roles do the stories that we hear all around – which role does history that we grow up in- play for the formation of our identity.
November 2017->>> 13 of us, having participated at different stages of the BMB project, meet again for 5 days in hearth of Kosovo – Prizren, city of diversity of culture, tradition and history, to look back on the last year of working together, exploring identity, political mythology, and the roots of nationalism,  to look back at a year of realizing the power and importance of words and stories, of myths used in political context- but not limited to that.
By looking back to a seminar-training in Tavankut, Serbia, to a Youth Exchange in Velika Hoča, Kosovo and a second one close to Trstenik, Serbia we also take a look into the future- the need of dealing with the topics of collective identity, stereotypisation and nationalism having not decreased is calling for further action.

What are the fundaments of our beliefs? -Sinan-Pasha Mosque in Prizren

Going through activities and impressions, personal changes and shifting of some perception, we realized that we were not done yet with the topic- having barely scratched its surface throughout the activities. So our focus went on how to continue what had been started from last year-on one hand with the blog “Mything Point”, which will serve as a tool for the dissemination of  theoretical knowledge about political mythlogy and propaganda, but also being a point of exchange of stories from all over the Balkans, that could help to break single-minded narratives that contribute to the creation of stereotypes and alienation between groups of people.
On the other hand, we also discussed ideas for future projects, bringing into the focus the situation in Mitrovica, where the power of narrating stories of division and alienation manifests- eventhough it stays questionable to what extend. We also considered a continuation of the Balkan Myth Busters project with a stronger focus on critical questioning of media and the presence of propaganda and storytelling- to be developed. Again we realized that our work had just begun and that we are on the beginnings of a long path- a path that you can also join!
We are looking for volunteers to contribute with their focus-shifting, maybe Mythbusting stories to our collection on the “Mything Point” Blog.

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Follow what happened so far with impressions from the Youth Exchanges in spring and autumn of 2017.