Balkan myth Busters is a 2 year long project coordinated by Volunteers‘ Center of Vojvodina and GAIA Kosovo, aiming to investigate and educate about the impact of myth propaganda in the formation of collective identities on national or ethnical level.  Furthermore, the project will create counter narratives to the single-minded worldviews that are the roots of nationalism and hate.

Balkan Myth Busters reunites 8 peace organisations from Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Germany. So far, two main activities have been realized: a research on myths and their impact on formation of identity and Training Course, which took place in Tavankut, Serbia in Noveber 2016, during which 24 participants from 8 countries learnt a lot about identity, myths and their impact on creation of national identities.

Youth exchange in Velika Hoča/Hoçë e Madhe, Kosovo, took place in March 2017 is the 3rd activity of Balkan Myth Busters, during which 30 participants took deeper look into national identity and deconstruction of national myths. How it was, you can find in the following links:

Photo album on FB

Blogging by the participants:

First days, getting to know each others and the village

Clean up action and history clean up

Getting active & the last days of the youth exchange

A second youth exchange will take place in Trstenik (central Serbia) where 30 participants will constructing new mythologies and posivite stories for future, piercing the dominant single narratives that create prejudices and hate between nations. The final evaluation with 15 representatives from the different activites will take place again in Kosovo in October 2017.



This project is supported by ERASMUS+ program of the European Union