RYCO logoBALKAN LyNKS is a youth Balkan project supported by the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) for the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia). It aims at fostering cooperation through enhancing artistic, cultural and professional abilities of youth from the region. The project is run by GAIA and will be implemented in cooperation with CK13 (Serbia), Studies and Development Centre (Albania), Qendra Sociale Murialdo (Albania), Bela Vista (Macedonia).

The BALKAN LyNKS project is inspired by Sharr Mountain and is part of a long-term youth program of GAIA for protecting, promoting and learning about nature of Sharr. Through this initiative we want to establish links between young people from the region and to bring them in the midst of the mountain for diverse creative, inspiring, educational activities:

  • Short-term volunteer service in Brezovica – 16.07-24.08.2018

5 volunteers from Western Balkan countries will spend 6 weeks in Brezovica, Kosovo with focus on organizing international youth event (BREfest) and support summer programs of GAIA in Sharr Mountain.

Call for volunteers (apply by 30th of June 2018):  https://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/call-for-volunteers-for-brefest-2-0/

  • Youth for Sharr gathering in Brezovica ski resort – 31.07-14.08.2018

2 weeks’ gathering of 36 youth from Western Balkans, Bulgaria and Croatia. Programme includes 4 panels with 9 participants in each: art colony, wild summer school, storytelling workshop, traditional knowledge field trip.

Call for participants and facilitators (apply by 30th of June 2018): https://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/call-for-participants-youth-for-sharr/

  • BREfest in Brezovica ski resort – 10-12.08.2018

3-days’ youth event, celebrating diversity and exchange in Sharr through art, music, DIY workshops, discussions. (Pictures, videos and stories from volunteers from BREfest 2017)

  • Networking and capacity building meeting in Brezovica ski resort within BREfest

Call will be published soon….

Evaluation of the volunteer exchange, establishing partnerships and setting up future common regional projects within BREfest.

Additionally, the intensive summer in Brezovica includes several groups of short and long-term international volunteers through Erasmus+ and other programs. GAIA is hosting a volunteer group through the Mountain spirit project for a month, which will be focused on collecting data and documenting biodiversity of Sharr.

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