Announcement for an international long-term voluntary service with Friedenskreis Halle e.V. in the period: mid September 2018 until mid September 2018 (12 months) within the program: weltwärts

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Become an international long-term volunteer in Halle (Germany)

Friedenskreis Halle e.V., is coordinating organisation for international long-term voluntary services in Germany within the German program “weltwärts”, a program connected to the issue of “developement cooperation”.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers for the period mid September 2018 until mid September 2019 (12 months)!

Within “weltwärts”-program, there are 4 main actors: the volunteer, the sending organisation, the coordinating organisation (us) and the place of assignment (poa), where practical work takes place.

We can offer a service at the following places of assignments (poas):

  • Kinder und Jugendhaus e.V., working with kids and youth (open youth work)
  • Clare Zetkin e.V., 2places, working with kids and youth (childrens home)
  • Humanistischer Regionalverband, working with kids and youth (open youth work and events for groups/classes) (in cooperation with a another poa)
  • Friedenskreis Halle e.V., educational and office work (in cooperation with a another poa)
  • Kita St. Ulrich, working with kids
  • Kita Marktspatzen, working with kids
  • Hort of the protestant school Heide-Nord, work with kids (after school care)
  • Lebenstraum Halle e.V., 2places, working with disabled adults in a living group

Please be aware: That list still is subject to changes. Listed above are the poas of the cycle 2017-18. We are in the process of finalizing the list for the cycle 2018-19.

Application period: 10.12.2017 – 31.12.2017

You want to know more?
For information about “weltwärts” check the weltwärts- homepage:

Who may apply?
Next to some general criteria, to be find below, there are specific criteria for each poa, to be find in the profiles.

General profile volunteers

  • 18 to 28 years (exceptions can be made, when reasonable)
  • (high) school graduation or comparable personal suitability
  • basic knowledge of English and willingness to learn German starting in home country
  • motivation: voluntary service as an opportunity to learn in different fields and to get involved with (civil) society (voluntary service as learning and peace service)
  • openness to the special structure of a voluntary service with Friedenskreis Halle, that is: willingness (a) to participate in the accompanying educational program, (b) to develop and implement one or more small project(s), (c) to get occupied with and engaged in topics and activities of (local) civil society and (d) to learn German in depth. (we call these activities „service related activities“ and we expect them next to the work in the poa)
  • interest in global relationships and peace politics as well as education on these topics
  • preferable already dedication in civil society in the home country, willingness to get involved in civil society in the home country after returning

How to apply?
Please get in contact with GAIA: and check the document available here: announcement weltwärts with FK in Halle 2018-2019


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