GAIA Kosovo is looking for partners and volunteers from Erasmus+ Program Countries  (EU, Macedonia, Turkey, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) for group EVS with minimum 15 volunteers which will take place in Sharr Mountain, Brezovica village, from 1st till 20th of August 2017.


background information

In Kosovo, Sharr mountain is situated in the south, while the whole mountain range is spread in Macedonia and Albania. The mountain is rich with biodiversity, endemic and rare species, geological diversity and natural phenomena, but also with diversity of ethnicities, cultures and religions. Since 1993, Sharr mountains has been proclaimed as National park and has been nominated for UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. In the meantime, the mountain is being threatened by the Master plan which includes construction of new ski resorts within the National park and no study for impact assessment was done. Since Sharr mountain is much more than snow, GAIA and partner organizations are planning to organize different activities which will address this issues, but also promote alternatives to unsustainable development, which treats to destroy nature and people’s livelihoods. One of this pilot activities is short-term EVS which will bring 15 enthusiasts from several European countries and to support us in protecting this special and universal natural heritage.


the role of EVS team

In August 2017, GAIA is planning to organize first mountain festival, which will offer free environmental education, discussions and workshops, movies screenings, music and sustainable, local food. The festival will is called BREfest, after Brezovica village and after ‘bre’, common Balkan interjection. The festival will take place in the middle of August in the area of current ski resort and will be organized in sustainable and nature friendly way. During 3 days, we will provide diverse programs which include presentations and discussion about nature conservation and values of Sharr mountain, challenges in economic development and protection of nature, cultural and natural heritage, new and alternative ideas for sustainable development and tourism (wildlife watching, forest therapy, degrowth, rural tourism etc.). Besides that, the festival will offer environmental documentaries and nature friendly and ethno music, jam sessions etc.

The EVS team will be involved in preparation of the festival, realization of the program, photo and video documentation of the natural and cultural diversity, including festival and and follow up promotion.

tasks and responsibilities

In general, tasks of the volunteers will be the following:

  • Setting up the place and infrastructure for the festival (compost, camping site, kitchent, stages, workshops places… etc)
  • Preparing paths for visitors and hikers
  • Arranging decoration and artistic bla bla
  • Managing program together with coordination team
  • Documenting natural and cultural heritage
  • Documenting the EVS and festival (photo, video, stories…)
  • Preparing an exhibition for the festival
  • Organize thematic workshops for visitors of the festival
  • Online communication and media work
  • Helping in cleaning of the place
  • Clean up actions in the park
  • Planning and organizing follow up activities

Volunteers will work in different teams such as: construction team, PR team, educational team, art team…

Learning opportunities

  • Learning about bio- and geological diversity of the mountain, endemic and rare species
  • Learning more about challenges in nature conservation and economic development
  • Getting to know more about different ethnicities, religions and cultures of the Sharr region
  • Getting practical skills in organizing festivals, running workshops and cultural program
  • Improving media literacy and how to use promotional tools
  • Experiencing sustainable living practises in rural and remote areas
  • Living in international youth community
  • Learning how to initiate workshops and discussions

living conditions

Volunteers will live together in one or two houses in the village of Brezovica, possibly up in the mountain. Food will be prepared together and will be based on sustainable, local, mostly vegetarian and from seasonal products as much as possible.

conditions for volunteers

  • Age between 18 and 30
  • Resident in one of the Program countries
  • Passionate for nature protection and rural areas
  • Flexible, hard working and open minded
  • Ready to be disconnected from virtual, and connected to natural, real world

Accommodation, food, insurance, pocket money and travel costs for volunteers will be covered by Erasmus+ program.

For more information on how to join this EVS, please contact us on If you are interested to apply, please do so by 15th of January, due to next deadline for project submittions which is in February.




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