Today, our magic hands got to experience something new. After having completed all the handicraft workshops, we switched beads with more nurturing raw materials. Our teachers Mira and Mamudija came to our house to teach us the art of making pita and burek – two of the absolutely most important traditional and delicious dishes of Kosovo and the entire Balkan region.
A landscape of flying doughs, lakes of oil and artistically wrapped cabbage evolved in our kitchen. Enjoy the pictures below and get to see the magic of burek and pita!

Foto 1

“Once you know how to make pita, you are ready to get married”, Mamudija commented our finished cheese-egg Pita artwork. Well, yes, we’ll think about it 😉

Foto 2

Burek  is usually filled with meat, cabbage, cheese or potatoes. For our vegan version we used apples.

Workcamp Magic Hands of Plemetina is arriving to its end...don’t miss our last posts:)


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