One of our volunteers is 珮雯 (Apple), a 22 years old Taiwanese girl. The visit to Kosovo is her first time in Europe. Read about her impressions in a special interview with a Plemetina Star:)

Kosovo is an interesting choice for a first country to visit in Europe. How did that happen?_MG_6608
The region of the Balkans is very unfamiliar to Taiwanese people. Not many people in my country even know where Kosovo is. Coming here was a big challenge and incredible experience. I am eager to explore the big world with my own eyes.

What is your first impression of Kosovo?
Prishtina’s airport is very small and lovely. There aren’t many Taiwanese or Asians visitors. I had problems getting through the custom control because border guards didn’t even recognize my passport. So already there challenges started…

How do _MG_6713you feel after the 10 days which you spent in Plemetina so far?
Lives in Prishtina and in Plemetina  are different from each other, even though the distance between the two places is so small. When you take a look around Plemetina, you can imagine how difficult the life of people here is. There are electricity cuts, sometimes there is no water and the area is very much polluted. But the people are so friendly and passionate, and always welcoming you! That’s the part I like the most. They invited me for coffee and they are trying to speak to me, even though only few people speak English. I feel like a star when I walk the streets of Plemetina. Everyone is looking at me wiIMG_7889th curiosity and says hi and they want to add me as a friend on Facebook.

How is it for you to live and work with the other volunteers?
I live and work alongside 10 more international volunteers. In the beginning, it was really difficult for me because the food is completely different! For the first time in my life I had potatos as a main dish! But thanks to my colleagues who take care for me I had rice for lunch. In turn, I also introduced some knowledge from my country to them. I even taught the other participants how to make a relaxing massage based on my skills in Chinese medicine.

What will you tell your friends about Europe?
We picture Europe as a very modern and developed continent, but now I see that there are countries and people who still need help. I will tell my friends that they should also know that Europe is not only France and Germany, it is much more – it is colorful and diverse, and every country here is unique.

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