If you didn’t realize yet: our project Magic Hands consist of two parts. Currently, we are in Plemetina, Kosovo, where we are documenting handicrafts of Roma women, but a month ago, another group of volunteers explored a different world. We spent two weeks in Tavankut, in Vojvodina, with the community of Bunjevci. We had the chance to learn how to make some straw art, but also we took part in many local events: concerts, dinners, competitions. In the school where we lived and worked, a band practiced their songs…all day long. One of them just got stuck in our minds. The band’s performance was worth the many hours of practice, though:

We decided to greet our friends from Tavankut with the same song. Our performance is not as good as their’s, but we put our hearts into it. Well…it turned out a bit too dramatic. Be careful, the song is contagious:)


Read more about workcamp in Tavankut here


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