We came to Plemetina with a very ambitious and big goal in mind: to share everything we learn in a book. In this book we will collect the tutorials of the handicraft, as well as stories about what we learn about Plemetina and its inhabitants. In an attempt to contribute to mutual understanding and peacebuilding, the content will be published in five different languages. It will preserve our experiences and reach out to others who may be little involved with Kosovo or Plemetina. In this way, our book will have the ability to function as a multiplier through deconstructing negative stereotypes and sharing positive aspects about Plemetina and Kosovo.

Let us have a look behind the scenes:01We are focusing hard to remember every step that the women show us, so we are able to make detailed tutorials.

02Our brainstorming wall… Everyone is trying their best to contribute to the success of the book.

03Vily and Bea put great effort to find the perfect composition for the tutorial…

04A small preview of the book tutorials… see our magic hands 😉

After a long and hardworking week, we are now ready for the weekend and our trip to Prizren and Dokufest tomorrow 🙂

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