Today we had the first day of workshop. We met our teachers, Mamudija and  Mira and the girls who will help them already yesterday, but today we got into action. Women are teaching us how to make art out of glass beads.


Mamudja started doing this crafts about 7 years ago when her sister in law, Mira, showed her a video which her husband had found on the internet about other Roma women’s work in Gračanica. The two ladies learnt from the information they could find online and, as their families and neighbors got interested in learning it as well, they soon started to teach it to others. It is time for us now to learn from these women so we can spread their knowledge from Plemetina across the world.

These crafts workshops have been a good way to build relationships within the Roma community and specially between the women. Now we will also have the opportunity to meet them and, for 2 weeks at least, be a part of their community.


For our first workshop they planned to teach us how to make a rose.  Each one of us made one rose, and we will put all the roses together, which together will form an overlay to decorate the table. 


We are coming back to you with more updates tomorrow:)

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