Our volunteers arrived to Plemetina! Time to start the second* part of the project “Magic Hands”!

The first day of the workcamp has just passed and brought a lot of excitement.  Before we start our workshops with Roma women and learn the traditional handcrafts they do, before we begin to work on the book and create the tutorials which will be the result of the whole project (for which we are all longing for to finally hold in our hands)…we need to organize a lot of things to make this 2 weeks in our new house comfortable. We realized quickly that apart from the project goal, there are a lot of other things we will do and learn in Plemetina throughout the workcamp.

Meet our volunteers and come back here for our daily blogging. We will let you know about our progress in work, our big success and little challenges (or the other way around) and share inspiring stories.



*The first part of the project “Magic Hands of Tavankut” took place in Serbia in July. Volunteers were learning and documenting how to make straw art. You can read more about that on the website of Volunteers’ Center of Vojvodina.

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