GAIA SCI KOSOVO calls for youth to join summer workcamp projects abroad.


Each year thousands of volunteers join international voluntary workcamps which are being organized on all continents. The idea of international voluntary workcamps started right after the World War I, in 1920, when volunteers from ‘’enemy countries’’ joined forces in reconstruction of destroyed village Esnes, near Verdun in France. Today workcamps are being organized with local communities and they are covering wide spectrum of topics such as environmental protection, reconstruction, archaeology, work with children, refugees, asylum seekers, elderly people, festivals, climate change, education, etc. Basically, everybody can find a workcamp for themselves.

Usually, workcamps are 2-week long and they gather from 10 to 20 volunteers from different countries. Therefore, besides helping local community, volunteers get a chance to meet new friends, to learn about other cultures, to share, to have fun and enjoy.

Last years, big focus is given to climate change and sustainable living, so workcamps provide perfect opportunity for learning about sustainable and communal living, with small ecological footprint, but meaningful experience.

Your life is your message to the world.

Make sure it’s inspiring.

Volunteer on SCI workcamp this summer!

GAIA Kosovo is official branch of Service Civil Internation (SCI), one of the biggest voluntary networks in the world and provides opportunity to young people from Kosovo to volunteer abroad for short term (workcamps) or even long term period.

Workcamp season 2015 has started. There are about 2000 workcamps worldwide. Interested volunteers should apply as soon as possible.  More information about how to apply can be found at https://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/workcamps/

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