Service Civil International – GAIA Kosovo


Regional re:ACTION

Prishtina & Plemetina

15th – 24th of April 2015

“Every chapter of history presents its own challenges.

The biggest challenge of today´s world is climate change:

a growing threat to peace, non-violence and human rights.”

15 young people from Southern Europe will gather in Prishtina & Plemetina for 10 days:

  • to share knowledge and experience in climate change and climate justice, with focus on SCI Create a Climate for Peace campaign
  • to learn about energy policies and possibilities for sustainable future in Kosovo
  • to learn about international climate policies (UNFCCC) and mobilization for COP21 in Paris
  • to learn about climate justice movement and how to get involved
  • to experience life with coal-fired power plants living with a family for 3 days in Plemetina
  • to “give back to Earth”, as an “offering” for all the planet gives us by planting trees for the Earth Day

If you are interested in climate change and willing to act for climate justice + you are coming from Southern Europe you shall apply! What are the conditions?

  • You are coming from Southern Europe ( Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia or Italy)
  • You are at least 18 and not more than 30 years old (but few exceptions for over 30 are possible)
  • You have been active in SCI or like minded organizations in climate/environment justice or similar topics
  • you are willing to  travel by land (planes are not an option)
  • you are willing to share living space and responsibilities with other participants
  • you are willing to live with a family for 3 days (with possible electricity and water cuts)
  • willing to be fully involved in an 10-day long intensive program

What are the costs?

  • food and accommodation in Prishtina and Plemetina is covered by the organization
  • travel costs will be covered partly, up to 70%
  • visa costs will be fully covered
  • there is a small participation fee from 25 €

How to apply? Send your application  to your branch/sending organization and GAIA SCI Kosovo (gaia.kosovo@gmail.com) by 15th of March 2015 which will select up to 2 participants from one country. You will get the answer by 20th of March. Application form can be founde here Regional re-ACTION is part of SCI (Service Civil International) worldwide campaign “Create a Climate for Peace“ and financed through SCI Annual Work plan  “Create a Climate for Peace: youth empowerment for a sustainable Europe”, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The activities foreseen by the Work plan  include preparatory actions in Austria, 3 regional gatherings (Kosovo, Germany, Poland) connected with each other, local awareness raising events and a final seminar in France (Paris) during UNFCCC COP21. More information: Create a Climate for Peace Campaign http://www.sciint.org/climate-justice-campaign CoE logo

With the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.