in the frame of SCI’s international “Create a Climate for Peace campaign” SCI Germany and SAVA working group warmly invites SCI volunteers to apply for the

Climate Change & Sustainability Training, Berlin, 23 – 31st May 2015

Altogether we invite 18 participants from Germany & SEE. The training will be led by an experienced international trainer team from both regions.

Please note that we can only accept applicants who are minimum 18 years of age at the time of the seminar and who are able to converse well in English language.

Financial conditions:
All costs of the stay in Germany for this period will be paid by SCI Germany (food, accommodation, trainers, local programme).

There is no registration fee. Participants are responsible for their own international travel costs.

Application form and more information can be downloaded from the following link: Call_for_participants_SAVA SCI D training May 2015.

There is no fixed quota for any organization, but we will aim for a good geographical spread.

Applications should be sent to before the deadline of 01.03. You will receive an answer within 10-14 days later.Call_for_participants_SAVA SCI D training May 2015

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