Within the context of the Syrian Civil war, Service Civil International (SCI) has recently launched a project called The Pathfinder Mission. The project is taking place between the 27th of September and the 9th of October. During this period 5 volunteers from SCI are going the capital of Jordan, Amman, and looking into the possibility of establishing voluntary projects with Syrian refugees (in the refugee camps in Jordan and in their surrounding areas), in cooperation and with the help of local NGO’s.

The outcome of the mission is expected to be a realistic report on the actual situation in the region, needs of refugees and the possibilities for implementing short and long term volunteer projects. With the SCI Pathfinder Mission report we will further inform the active SCI volunteers on the actual voluntary activities which will be prepared in Jordan.


Potential projects are already discussed to be manual, art and recreational workshops with refugee children and women; educational and sport activities with refugee children and youngsters and entrepreneurship initiatives. The projects will involve volunteer work from 2 weeks to 12 months, varying from individual experiences (volunteer service) to group activities (such as work camps and group mid/long term projects).

In order to evaluate the potential of the movement and to secure the interest in the topic and the area we kindly invite volunteers to express their interest and availability to be part of the upcoming projects by reporting to scisyriawg@gmail.com. Please send us your updated CV and filled application by e-mail titled as follows: VolunteerApplication_[first_last name]

Please note that by applying you express your interests, motivation and availability. You will be contacted later with further details. The volunteers who apply should at least be prepared to cover their travel costs.

Thanks you in advance for your interest! Please stay tuned!

SCI Pathfinders

on this link you can find more informations and download application form (at the bottom of the page)



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