Training course: “Youth in healthy action!”

In Novi Sad, Serbia

From 27th October (arrival in the afternoon)to 4th November (departure in the morning after the breakfast)2013

About the training course

Training course “Youth in healthy action!” aims to empower our youth workers willing to develop and organise sport and health-enhancing physical activities with youngsters in their communities. It gathers 27 participants from 9 countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Estonia, United Kingdom), it will last 7 days and will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia in October/November 2013.

The themes of the project are: Sport and health policies in the EU and candidate countries, education and youth work through sport methods, physical and mental health of youngsters, new EU youth programme from 2014 and European level projects in youth field with using sport and health-enhancing physical activity.



  • Share realities about sport, exercise and nutrition of youngsters in our communities

  • Explore connection between physical (in)activity and health

  • Discuss different Sport and health policies in the EU and candidate countries

  • Promote and explore concepts “sports for all” and “healthy lifestyle” in relation with youth work

  • Share different sport methods useful for every day youth work with youngsters

  • Encourage further promotion of “sport and health-enhancing physical activities” (S&HEp.a.) in our communities and discuss policy base for it in EU and our countries

  • Define quality “sport for all” activities

  • Understand challenges in implementation of quality S&HEp.a.

  • Recommend how to plan goals and targets of participation in S&HEp.a.

  • Learn how to use new EU youth programme for promotion of S&HEp.a. and develop new projects and European level cooperation

Training course is based on approach and principles of NFE with regular NFE methods and sport activities.

The language of the training course will be English.

The participants should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Age above 18

  • Willing willing to further work on promotion and coordination of youth work with sport/outdoor activities

  • Able to work in English

  • Willing to share the new knowledge with the members of his/her organization once he/she gets back

  • Able to attend the entire duration of the course

Participation fee: NONE!

All accommodation and food costs in the hostel are covered by the organisers.


If you are interested to participate in the training, please fill in the AMUSE_applicationform and send back by e-mail to us at till the 12th September 2013.

Selected participants will receive the detailed infosheet till 14th September 2013. For any further questions please feel free to contact


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