As an effect of this story, I want people from my country to also use these workcamp opportunities

to discover places, meet people and create experiences that they would proudly talk about.

I did not think a lot before going to my first workcamp, I just did it. I wanted to travel and I wanted

to help. I wanted to achieve a dream of mine. I did! I flied, I escaped, I was lost, I enjoyed it. It was

great, maybe because I did not create any expectations, but if I would still have created them, they

would not be equal with the real experience.


As a start of a journey I went one day later than the other volunteers due to flight problems. I went

there after one of the longest days of my life. First of all, it was my first flight with an airplane, and

also my first time being thousands of kilometres away from my family. I still didn’t feel alone. I had

everything I needed, the leaders, people, and conditions were enough to me make me feel good and

appreciated. I made good friends, with who I am still in contact.

I was in Turkey. We went to a different place every day, discovering the unlimited beauties of

the country. Every day was a new surprise, and it just kept getting better and better. I would

recommend the workcamps to anyone who is seeking great experiences.

– Anda Riza




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