National Weekend Training for participants from Kosovo:

“Facing stereotypes and prejudices through interactive theater method Stop and Act”

Banja e Pejës / Pećka banja , 7th – 9th of June, 2013


About the training course

The weekend training course “Facing stereotypes and prejudices through interactive theater method Stop and Act” will gather 20 young people from Kosovo, willing to learn more about prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination and take an active role in awareness raising activities that would help overcoming discrimination on many existing aspects.

Main traning themes are:

stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, intercultural dialogue


  • learning about stereotypes and discrimination

  • sharing own realities on cultural diversity

  • promoting intercultural dialogue as an instrument in acquiring the knowledge and attitudes for dealing with a more open and more complex environment

  • further developing of competences in communication, teamwork and intercultural understanding

The training course will follow the non-formal education approach, principles and methods, using mainly interactive theater method Stop and Act.

The language of the training course will be English.

The participants should fulfill the following criteria:

  • to be from Kosovo

  • Age 18-28

  • Able to work in English

  • Ready to further develop and multiply gained knowledge

  • Able to attend the entire duration of the course

Travel costs reimbursement

100% of travel costs will be reimbursed, preferably for the return tickets.

Participation fee: NONE!

All accommodation and food costs in the hotel are covered.


If you are interested to participate please fill in the application form_facing stereotypes and prejudices and send it to . The deadline for submitting the application is on Saturday, 2nd of June, 2013, till 5 pm.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.

We’ll let you know about the outcome of selection process on Sunday, 3rd of June, 2013.

This training course is part of the ‘Regional Youth Action Against Discrimination and Militarism’. To read more about this project and about upcoming training possibilities you can check here

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