GAIA & Regional Youth Action against Discrimination and Militarization

Invite you to join Days of action against discrimination!

Regional youth action against discrimination is creating edifying opportunities for young people and supports them to connect regionally and act as a cohesive group of activists aiming to build a peaceful society without discrimination and violence through peace activism and antidiscrimination activities.

Days of action against discrimination and militarism” is annual regional event which is happening for the second time in the organization of the regional network “Regional Youth Action against Discrimination and Militarization”.  Young activists from Prilep, Skopje and Tetovo from Macedonia, Krusevac for Serbia, Tuzla and Jablanica from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Prishtina from Kosovo will be involved in this year activities with the goal of raising awareness of the presence of high level of discrimination in the societies where we are living. Furthermore, the level of militarism can be easily measured by the level of nationalism, homophobia, macho role models, xenophobia, and especially through the various types of discrimination based on ethnicity/gender/religion/social status.

Activities during the “Days of action against discrimination and militarism” will include workshops, panel discussions, debates, film projections, exhibitions, concerts, human libraries, dissemination of promo materials, theatre performances, forum theatre, flash mob, sport activities and radio shows. All events will be between 15th and 19th of May 2013.


Support this action and join our activities!


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Read more about the events below:


Stop-Motion Movie Workshop


16:00 – 20:00


Dear friends, if you are around Prishtina: Attention please!

We are inviting you to join the stop-motion movie workshop and say loudly ‘’NO’’ to discrimination.

What can you expect from this workshop?

Comfortable atmosphere, great company and lots of creativity! Let’s talk, share our views, ideas, and experiences… let’s learn together and come up with hundreds of reasons against discrimination, using a stop-motion movie technique!

Bring your cameras and join us! Everyone is welcome!

You can watch an example of a stop-motion movie here: 

Join the facebook event:



Plemetina Youth Football Tournament


10:00 – 14:00


We are inviting you to join the youth football tournament in Plemetina village. The tournament will bring all Plemetina youth together with the idea that good atmosphere, teamwork and love for sports are all that counts!

This invitation goes out for all the football lovers, football supporters and those, who would love to spend some time with lovely Plemetina Youth.

Join us! And join the facebook event:



Human Library and Gipsy Groove Concert


19:00 – 24:00

humanlibrary_poster (1)picture

This is the evening when Dit’ e Nat’ becomes Human Library!

This is the evening during which we are all welcome to challenge our own stereotypes and prejudices…

The Human Library works the same way as an ordinary library with the only difference, that the Human Library Books are people. The visitor will find a collection of living books with different backgrounds and views. Living books often have personal experiences of discrimination or belong to the groups of individuals in society who are at risk to suffer from stereotyping, stigmatization and prejudice. They are willing to share that experience with readers and to get into a dialogue.

The aim of this action is to challenge our stereotypes and prejudices in a positive framework, where difficult questions are accepted, expected and appreciated.

The event will be followed by a concert of famous Prishtina’s band Gipsy Groove.

You can listen to their music here:  

You can join the facebook event here:

Join us and let’s dance between the lines together!


The Action days against discrimination are organized by

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Implementing partners:

6 dit e  nat

Gipsy Groove



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