Every year there are hundreds of workcamps within the SCI network all over the world. Workcamps are international short term volunteer projects. For around two to three weeks you can meet people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds and together with local communities you can work on a joint project. The goal is to support initiatives all over the world and break dow barriers between people and contribute to a culture of peace.

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You can for example work with these different genres of work:

protect animals

renovate castles

organize festivals

work with disadvantaged children

teach English to youth

organize a campaign for peace

and much more…


You can also take part in a workcamp in Kosovo.

If you got interested then please have a look on www.workcamps.info and find the workcamp of your choice and apply!

For more information how to apply contact gaia.kosovo@gmail.com or have a

look at https://gaiakosovo.wordpress.com/workcamps-2013/

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