Good morning…

Waking up in Plemetina is always specific experience for me. Plemetina is my home town of Kosovo, here is my “family”, my friends, my strength… And after all harsh moments that sometimes I am facing, to stand up and continue I always need Plemetina to hug me, and tell me to move on..

Yesterday I came as a guest, to present GAIA work, on one specific and special project -“ Art in Action”.

…And from today until the end of the project you will have a chance to follow different stories from different people and to feel and imagine what is going on.

Following the Art in Action workcamp in Berlin, which was preparation for the project that is happening now in Plemetina, on 13th of September, prep-team coming  from SCI Germany, Volunteer’s Centre of Vojvodina and GAIA Kosovo get together to start preparing Art in Action 2 campaign.

On the first day prep-team had the chance to meet with each other, to share their expectations, contribution, fears, and to talk about their roles in the project.

They also had a chance to “meet Plemetina” by discovering different things about the community by playing “journalist” role.  This activity helped them to understand more the issues that that this small village is facing, but on the other side to also get inspired by discovering great talents and potentials that are hidden in this village under shadows of power plants.

By making dictionary of different languages that are spoken in the village group also meet with cultural diversity of Plemetina that lives together in peace.

In the evening on 14th of September, GAIA craw join the prep-team to present them Art in Action 1 and to show what was done last year and to present all the different products that are made in August 2011. Movies are shown, music is played and nice discussion was held about the last year experience.

Today we are on the third day of the meeting, after the breakfast group went to see the working space and started with the preparation on day to day activity …

During next 10 days we will have “bloggers” who will report on daily bases what is going in every corner of this campaign… be informed and follow us!

In Plemetina, 15th Septembre

Milica Milovic     


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